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Akarosi Energy Management Consultants have hundreds of years of collective experience in leadership roles in highly succesful organisations and have provided solutions to real problems encountered in setting up and managing organisations in various phases of growth. They have succesfully created the vision and mission of their organisations / SBUs and led achievment of business goals. They are individuals with high achievement motivation who love sharing their knowledge and expertise to help others exceed their individual and corporate potential . Please refer to their profiles as given in section , Consultancy Services
In my mind, you are one of only a few I have worked with closely who I feel could be / and is a strong strategic / business consultant because of your God-given mental agility and your keen sense of principles and judgement. I only wish we could have worked on the same continent, but if you ever want to ever get into this business, I will do whatever is in my power to do so!

Ashok Dhar

Director & Principal Consultant

Root cause analysis using vast experience of consulting advisory panel. Multi disciplinary approach with deep insight of corporate functioing, customer need, market forces and regulatory environment.

Our approach is interactive. We don’t prepare reports and white papers but instead we sit with clients to arrive at root causes and provide options to select optimal solutions. We help in implementing solutions and letting clients to develop capacity to handle serious issues on their own.

Our team of consulting gurus are former Directors and Head of departments of Fortune 500 companies and privately managed organisations. We also have young turks with bright minds who provide the creative cutting edge technology backbone.