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Business Process/Performance Management/ ERP/ IT

Akarosi helps organisations to effectively communicate company aligned goals, evaluate employee performance and reward them fairly. Clear goal planning, skill development and a true pay-for-performance culture are talent management practices that successful companies use to demonstrate their employees are valued. While Effective performance metrics has been proven to increase employee morale and overall productivity. Engaged, productive employees are essential to any company outperforming its competition. However Performance are functions of right technology tools given to work force. At Akarosi, our expert evaluate cost effective implmentable technology to improve operational effeciency and thus productivitity of their employees.

Prabhakar Sethi

Performance Management/ ERP Solutions Expert
B. Tech - Chemical Engeeing, IIT Kanpur ​Over three decades experience expertise in Performance Management/ ERP Solutions and IT enablbility for fortune 500 organisations

R. Muthukrishnan

Renowned chemical engineer with specialization in energy efficiency. ​Proven expertise in reducing energy cost in world’s largest refining & petrochemical complex (Reliance Industries Limited).

N. S. Murthy

Renowned chemical engineer with specialization in refining technology,process engineering, ERP/IT,climate change and technical services. ​Proven expertise in in world’s largest refining & petrochemical complex (Reliance Industries Limited).

Ajit Chaudhry

Highly ranked expert in Procurement and Contracts domains with breadth of experience in Project Management, Contract Management, Materials Management, Logistics Management in Oil & Gas E&P sector and Refining Industry.
About 40 years of experience with 2 Fortune 500 companies. Former Senior Vice President ( Procurement & Contracts ) of Reliance Industries Ltd

Harish Aggarwal

Expert in corporate finance, investment, M&As and business commercial domains. Over 35 years of top managerial level experience in 2 Fortune 500 and many mid size companies in various petroleum product segments, including business processes, SAP ERP and IT domains. Formerly, Senior Vice President ( Finance & Accounts) in Reliance Industries Ltd.

Ashok Dhar

Former President - Petroleum R&M, Reliance Industries Ltd. Founder & Principal Consultant