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Contract Service Offering..

Organizations these days find it difficult to hire high quality people with depth and breadth of expertisimpleme required to address challenges, both from consideration of limited availability of skilled people and high retention cost. An annual and/or 3 years advisory contract with Akarosiensures availability of bouquet of expert services at affordable costs. This includes validation of business plan objectives of the company, strategy, planning and challenges in implmenation perspectives for a holistic review by experts and regular assistance for troubleshooting. Akarosialso undertakes project by project assignments on behalf of clients and organises sufficient manpower for guidance in implmentation in a time bound and cost effective way. Akarosiprofessionals are nationally and internationally reputed, of high integrity and they ensure that all clients’ information and discussions are kept tightly confidential. Akarosi offers service of its Gurus as advisor / Director to help and guide clients achieve their short & medium term objectives.